Travel by Way of Magic?

No, I'm not talking about astral travel or magic carpets.

But as time goes by I realize more and more that the life Everette and I are living comes majorly because we started to envision it, and then we started to make choices based on our values and what it was we really wanted.

Call it manifesting, the law of attraction, answered prayers, whatever.  I call it Magic!

2013 Colorado with Wild Horses
2013 Colorado with Wild Horses
Grand Canyon, Arizona 2009
Grand Canyon, Arizona 2009
Camping Mexico

Traveling with a Big Family

Dreaming of traveling but think you can’t because you’ve got family?  As a family of 11 we empower families to live life by their own design.

No need to wait for the empty nest.

There's no promise of a Tomorrow.

Do it NOW!

It only takes A SPARK to get the forest ablaze.

It was just a few small things that made me truly start questioning the beliefs I had been raised with.  And it set my life...our family's life... on a whole different course.  Not only did we start traveling but we started making decisions based on our values rather than what we thought was being responsible and expected of us.

Are you wanting more travel in your life?  More freedom to pursue your hobbies or volunteering?  Want to be able to get to all the activities at your kids' school?

No matter what it is you're desiring to manifest in your life, it requires being clear about your values, and what it is you're really envisioning for your life.

Stay tuned for an upcoming 7 day mini-course to get manifesting.

Get the Spark Going!



Meet the Team

One Couple (married 31+ yrs)

9 biological kids.  And as if that wasn't enough...

now collecting in-laws and grandchildren!

Karen Schindel

Karen Schindel

Founder & CEO

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karen schindel

Everette Johnson

Vice President

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